Lionshare Venture Holdings (Pty) Ltd. Is a investment holding company formed in 2003, as an entrepreneurial venture.

Welcome to Lionshare Venture Holdings (LVH). LVH is a private investment holding group. Lionshare Venture Holdings has built a stellar reputation in real estate and service companies across South Africa. Adding value to our people, customers and investors is our vision and mission. Our operations are tailored to grow and protect our business by thorough great service and expertise. Lionshare Venture Holdings is an organization of 300+ people dedicated to growing our core investments in real estate and service companies.

Who are we?

Lionshare Venture Holdings (Pty) Ltd. is an investment holding company formed in 2003, as an entrepreneurial investment venture. Lionshare Venture Holdings has evolved into an investment holding company focused on two investment areas;

  • Real Estate
  • Service Companies

Lionshare Venture Holdings has invested and focused on Real Estate and Service operations. Lionshare Venture Holdings has invested in Real Estate primarily in Johannesburg CBD (Gauteng Province) and Musina (Limpopo Province), South Africa. The Service companies under the Lionshare Venture Holdings group have focused their investments in the Petroleum, Retail and Hospitality industries (hotels & food franchises). Our companies combined, employ over 300 people directly in our operations.

Our Ethos:

  • We are an African Business – like a Lion
  • Persistence and Determination of a Lion
  • We look after each other – like a pride of Lions
  • We are hungry for Action and Success like a Lion
  • The Customer is master (King/Queen)
  • We Give Back – Making a Difference

Our Vision:

We add value to all who touch our business

Our Mission:

We add value to our Customers; Associates; Stakeholders & Community we operate in

The Team

Since 2003, LVH teams have been offering a unique blend of expertise in their respective operations. The combination of our talents and skills uniquely support our clients’ needs. LVH’s hands on experience, leading ability of adding value to our clients and knowledge of building businesses are the foundations of the services we offer.

What We Do?

Real Estate Portfolio

We now invest in commercial, residential and specialised developments, to grow and diversify our portfolio with a competitive advantage.

Service Portfolio

We invest in service companies that focus on niche segments of sectors they operate in. These include;

  • Fuel: Sasol East Rand & Sasol Musina Verbaard
  • Travel: Thovela Welkom Travel
  • Property Management: Lionshare Property Management
  • Security: LionSecurity
  • Property Development: Lionshare Developmemt
  • Food Franchises:
    • – Homestead at Sasol Musina
    • – Homestead at Shell Beitbridge

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