Adding value to our customers, investors and people alike.

About Lionshare

Lionshare Holdings is an investment holding company formed in 2003 as an entrepreneurial investment venture. As a group, we have built a stellar reputation in real estate, the energy sector, service companies and more across South Africa – adding value to our customers, investors and people alike.

Lionshare Holdings employs 300+ people, who are all dedicated to growing our core investments. As a BEE empowered company we are poise to offer unique investment participation to potential partners. Our operations are tailored to grow and differentiate our business through great service and expertise that add value.

Our Mission

To add value to our customers, associates, stakeholders and community we operate in.

Our Vision

We add value to all who touch our business.

Our Values

Show respect, trust and the values of Ubuntu in everything we do. Value everyone’s contribution. Act like owners of the business.

Our Ethos

We work with the persistence and determination of a lion.
We are an African business.

We look after each other like a pride of lions.
We make a difference by giving back.

We treat the customer as the centre of out being.
We are hungry for action and success.

Our Focus

Lionshare Holdings has made a number of investments over the years – primarily focused on six different sectors with a focus on becoming a BEE partner that brings investment and operational expertise to add value. Our companies combined, employ over 1000 people directly in our operations.


he South African fuel retail sector is a 25 billion litre market with about 6,000 branded service stations. Our investment in this sector comprises a multi-branded site operation in partnership with the leading fuel majors such as Shell, Engen, Total, Sasol, BP and Caltex. The Fuel Company (TFC), is a BBBEE empowered entity established with a vision of becom- ing the market player as a multi-site fuel retailer operator in South Africa. TFC’s value proposition is to consistently deliver fuel, convenience retail and quick-service food in a clean and secure environment.


Transport and logistics are the backbone of the economy. We are invested in transport through our BEE empowered franchise dealership with Scania in Limpopo with 2 dealerships servicing and selling buses and trucks to key customers. Other investments include the Musina Intermodal Terminal (MIT) and Power House Cross Border Bus Terminal in Johannesburg and Musina. Opportunities in this sector for a BEE empowered company to expand and make a positive impact.

Real Estate

Since 2003, we have been investing in residential, retail, office and hospitality properties mainly in downtown Johannesburg and Limpopo province. With rapid urbanisation in major cities and development nodes projected to increase, we will continue to invest selectively in commercial, industrial and residential real estate. Opportunities in this sector for a BEE empowered investor poses our companies for growth


We invest in companies that offer complementary services to our investments. Examples include Lionshare Management Services – for finance, HR, ITC and other central services – as well as Lionshare Property Management, which operates in the real estate sector. Opportunities to partner with companies seeking experienced BEE empowered for further investments


The hospitality/tourism sector is a key economic sector contributing about 10% of GDP. Lionshare is invested in the sector both in property and operations. Our portfolio includes the Reef Hotel in Johannesburg, and Sand River Resort in Musina, which combined employs over 120 people. Industry transformation opens opportunities for our BEE empowered investments.

Venture Capital

Since 2003, we have mainly funded our investments through own equity and small investors, and by leveraging these funds with bank loans. As our group has grown, our focus has now shifted to raising larger funding sources to invest in current and new investments as an experienced BEE empowered company.

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The Lionshare Team

Since 2003, Lionshare’s team members have been offering a unique blend of expertise in our respective operations. The combination of our talents and skills uniquely support our clients’ needs. Lionshare’s hands-on experience, leading ability of adding value to our clients and knowledge of building businesses are the foundations of the services we offer. Our BEE credentials offer unique opportunity to partner with key players in the industries we invest in.